The four Ws and one H!

CrowdNewsing is India’s first online community dedicated to the idea of a united Journalistic fraternity. The website enables Crowdfunding for individual journalists and organisations and acts as a bridge between the content creator and the consumer.

As more and more news networks cut operational costs, there is a general tendency to move towards content aggregation, at the cost of original content. This further leads to republishing of press releases or reproduction of content already published by other organisations. The community aims to address this gap.

CrowdNewsing enables crowdfunding for story ideas that require time, research, travel. So that journalists can focus on investigations, conflict reporting, reporting from rural areas, crunching data or building cutting edge technology for better reader experience.

Whenever you have a story that needs to be told. Or whenever you feel the need to reach out to the fraternity. This is our support system.

All journalists, content creators, story tellers UNITE! We all have micro communities around us who have been following our work. Let’s now bring these communities together to create the largest pool of people who would support independent projects and issues that affect us all.


CrowdNewsing will charge you 10% of your target amount or whatever amount is disbursed. This includes Payment gateway charges and campaign consultancy charges. This does NOT include digital promotion or any other charges. All tax liabilities to be borne by the Campaigner.