Write your Pitch:
This is a brief synopsis of the project you want to work on. It could be your story idea, a campaign on a subject or you could even raise funds for a cause you feel strongly about.

Build your own crowdfunding community
We will help you build an online or offline campaign to find you the people who would be interested in supporting your project. These people form a micro-community around the subject of your project.

File your Story
After you meet the funding goal, you can step out to finish your project within the deadline.

Get it Published
If you are not already employed with any organisation, you will have to find a publisher who could carry your story. You could also publish it using an open platform.

Engage your Community
Go back to your community and give them regular updates. Encourage them to participate in social media sharing campaigns to drive impact.

This is your story or your project. So your duty to follow up and see if it needs another campaign.