When UK broadcaster found Arnab guilty of biased coverage, we informed India

Keeping an eye on the global media landscape, CrowdNewsing was the first organisation in India to access UK broadcaster Ofcom’s report where they slammed anchor Arnab Goswami and Times Now for their biased coverage of the Uri attack in 2016.
CrowdNewsing shared the findings of the report with other media organisation and within hours, the story started trending on so

Resisting the Murdoch empire globally

When media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News decided to buy out UK’s Sky News network, CrowdNewsing Joined the global outcry. CrowdNewsing was among the global media watchdogs that sent a submission to the UK Media Broadcaster Ofcom. In its final report, Ofcom recognised the concerns of the citizens and called for referring the case to the Competition and Markets authority of UK. Read the full report here: (CrowdNewsing quoted on page 131). https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0012/103620/public-interest-test-report.pdf Share on: WhatsApp

Helping DALIT MEDIA WATCH raise funds for its grassroot work

CrowdNewsing ran a month-long campaign for grassroot news organisation – People’s Media Advocacy and Research Centre that publishes Justice News and Dalits Media Watch. A complainant in close to 6000 cases with NHRC, National Commission for Scheduled Castes and National Commission for Women, PMARC has been instrumental in forcing criminal proceedings against those who perpetrate violence against the Dalit community. The CrowdNewsing community helped the organisation raise 55,000 rupees from 21 contributors and will be organising events and viral campaigns to support PMARC in future. Share on: WhatsApp

Breaking myths, changing narrative: Survey of Muslim voter in Uttar Pradesh

During the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, polarisation on the basis of religious identity was the dominating theme. The minority muslim community had been accused of voting en masse in favour of one political party. But not one media organisation had commissioned any study or survey to scientifically study this pattern. That’s when CrowdNewsing commissioned its’ first exit poll survey to specifically study the muslim community. Some of the findings of the survey broke many myths – that the muslim voter was confused and the vote was split between SP, BSP and Congress. That the muslim voter took a strong exception to PM Modi’s Shamshan-Kabristan remark. That development and effective governance… Read More

Impact: Dalits may disappear from news, again

4th of September, 2014 was a remarkable day. The National Human Rights Commission in Delhi registered 101 complaints of atrocities and discrimination against Dalits on a SINGLE DAY.

And all of these complaints were on the basis of the news updates filed by one organisation – the Dalits Media Watch.