CrowdNewsing is India’s first online community that enables crowdfunding for journalists and changemakers. The platform helps individuals and organisations build campaigns to raise funds and engage with supporters to drive impact for their stories.
We are looking for extremely driven individuals for the following PAID positions.
Priority will be given to individuals from oppressed groups like dalits, religious, sexual or other minorities and women.

TRAINEE – Digital Campaigning
You are a good writer with a keen eye for news. You should have a basic understanding of social media and should be able to learn fast. Great if you have a journalistic background.
We will work together to build fantastic campaigns that drive impact.

TRAINEE – Community Campaigning
You are an extrovert who likes talking to people and building networks. You like following news and know the difference between Scroll and ScoopWhoop.
We will work together to string together all the good people in the news industry.

TRAINEE – Designer
You know how to use photoshop or other design apps to make creative content.
We will work together to create memes and videos that fly on the internet.

LOCATION: All positions are based in New Delhi but you will be allowed to work remotely (from home, cafe or any other place with internet) on most days.

Send in your CVs to bilal[at]crowdnewsing[dot]com