The Story behind Irom Sharmila’s electoral debacle

by Geetika Sehmay

New Delhi, India
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Geetika Sehmay

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For 16 years, she was on a hunger strike. For 16 years she was the flagbearer of India’s fight against the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act. And then when she finally decided to take the electoral route, she was forsaken by her own people. She could just manage 90 votes.

Two months before the elections, I and my colleague Anand Mangnale left our jobs and took a flight to Manipur chasing a long cherished dream to work with the crusader. This is our story.

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Geetika Sehmay
New Delhi, India
10 Projects | 0 loved projects

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We are trying to put together a short film on our experiences during the Irom Sharmila campaign. As campaign professionals longing for the good fight, the Irom Sharmila campaign was an eye opener for both of us.

This story is indeed important for those who want to understand how social campaigns are built, sustained and the importance of consistency in building a favourable public opinion.
It is also important for those who long for clean politics and want to learn from this campaign.
And finally, both of us have worked with Prashant Kishor’s IPAC in Punjab and we want to compare the two campaigns so that future changemakers learn from our experiences.




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