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Remember the 2G scam, the CWG scam and the string of scams that were exposed by the media some years back? But if you go by the newspapers and TV channels over the last three years, you will get an impression that the nation has become scam-free. We only hear about cows and Pakistan.
A group of established investigative journalists have decided to change that. But they need your support to unearth a string of scams that have been continuing under the present dispensation.
Contribute now to make Khoobsurat’s work effective and transparent.

Really? So there is no corruption left in India?

by Raja Chowdhury

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Surat, India

Raja Chowdhury

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Raja Chowdhury
Surat, India
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Project Story is a Gujarat based new media company looking to challenge the status quo. Started by eminent investigative journalist Raja Chowdhury, Khooobsurat is working on a string of investigative stories from across India to expose those who are misusing their power to accumulate money that belongs to all of us.

Raja Chowdhury is an eminent name in the media circles and is known for some extremely high-risk investigations including the Snoopgate and Radia tapes to name a few. Prior to this, Chowdhury has worked with Cobrapost, The Times of India and Hindustan Times among others.

The only way these stories can come out is if all of us come together and support this investigation. Otherwise, get ready to hear some more about cows!

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