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by Anchal Vohra

Beirut, Lebanon
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Anchal Vohra

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ISIS is being hunted down in Mosul and the Iraqi army has claimed victory. But what does the liberation of Mosul from ISIS mean for the rest of the world and India?
We’ve had enough of the western media speculating on the status of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – whether he is dead or alive – but what beyond that? What happens to the region in the aftermath of the Mosul offensive. And are we anywhere close to stability in the region? Support Indian journalist Anchal Vohra as she crowdfunds for her reportage from Mosul, Iraq and finds answers to questions that remain unaddressed.

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Anchal Vohra
Beirut, Lebanon
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Why is it that everytime there is a massive global moment of crisis, we only have the same old European and American news agencies delivering their perspectives? And so often do we see the line between the actual truth and their foreign policy propaganda getting blurred.

Anchal has been living in Beirut, Lebanon since late last year and in one conversation with her you can gauge that the scale of the human tragedy in this region can not be overestimated – nor can you ignore the impact these global events have on India.

How does the religious, sectarian, economic war impact India? Why are Kashmiris decorating walls with pro Al Qaeda and ISIS graffiti? How does foreign policy and vested corporate interests in the oil sector directly cost the Indian tax payer?

Add to that the massive refugee crisis, continuing civil wars, and the imposing threat of terrorism – the situation in the Middle East has a direct bearing on all of us.

Yet, not a single mainstream television network from India has any presence in the region. When asked, big publishers blame disinterested advertisers for this failure.

But if they do get the content, they won’t mind publishing it. And that’s where the CrowdNewsing community kicks in. Let’s put in whatever we can and back Anchal’s initiative to challenge the status quo.

She is now headed to Mosul and will be the first journalist from South Asia to report from the region after the taking over of the ISIS stronghold by the Iraqi forces.

Almost every news organisation in India – big or small – is still dependent on European and American news agencies for any information globally. But we can change that one brick at a time.

Anchal Vohra has been a Journalist, Editor, Anchor for the last 14 years. You can find her work under her name online and on this website until NOV last year.




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