You will only hear what THEY want you to hear!

by Bilal Zaidi

New Delhi, India
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Bilal Zaidi

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There are conflicting reports on NDTV’s taking over by a corporate leader considered close to the establishment. Now we can either shake our head and accept the outcome, or send out a clear and strong message – you may influence or buy out individual companies, but you cant buy out the entire fourth estate. Contribute funds to Seema Mustafa’s uncompromising and independent – The Citizen. This fund will be used to commission more stories and expand the reach and influence of the platform.

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Bilal Zaidi
New Delhi, India
10 Projects | 0 loved projects


Bilal has been a journalist for more than a decade. During his career as a political reporter, Bilal covered 22 assembly and three General elections across India. He has covered all major political parties in India and interviewed senior politicians like Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid among others. He keeps a close eye on issues of identity and social inclusion.

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There is a difference between ‘influencing your opinion’ versus ‘buying your opinion’. The acquisition of legacy media houses by corporates close to the government has shaken India’s fourth estate like never before.

So, effectively, this means that hundreds of journalists who were otherwise expected to expose the establishment, will spend most of their time trying to save their jobs.
Going forward, you’ll increasingly be hearing what the government and those in power want you to hear!
So what do we do as Citizens. Wait and see it all crumble in front of our eyes?

This is the time to strengthen and empower independent media houses that have been doing their job raising the right questions. Let’s raise the funds needed to make sure these organisations have the resources to commission good stories, raise the issues that really matter and hire the staff that can help them self-sustain in the long run.
Led by journalist Seema Mustafa, THE CITIZEN, has been the flagbearer on contentious subjects that mainstream media finds difficult to even touch upon.

Over the last three years, The Citizen has delivered stories that have gone viral and changed the public discourse – all this with a tiny team of journalists who could fit into a car; but with overwhelming support that has made the endeavour possible.

But let’s face it. Wouldn’t it be great if The Citizen is also able to send a reporter to the Bangladesh-Myanmar border to change the hate-filled discourse on the Rohingya crisis? Why cant The Citizen commission viral videos to independent film studios on issues like fake encounters and hate crimes?

But what if 200 of us could come together and contribute money worth one restaurant dinner? It’s no big deal, but this tiny contribution could prove to be the game-changer that our society needs.




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Vikram Sood 5,000 September 24, 2017
Navjeet Verma 2,000 September 24, 2017